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Amazon PPC Keyword Research Secrets

A critically important question for Amazon Sellers is:

What Keywords and ASINs should you target with PPC and how should you find those targets?

The way most sellers do keyword research is pretty basic and leaves a lot of opportunities for you to go beyond and do better.

When it comes time for keyword research, most people approach it as a one-time event.

Most people find their four or five most similar competitor’s products and grab their ASINs.

Then they go over to a popular 3rd party keyword research tool that thousands of other sellers use and they input those 4 or 5 ASINs and out pops a list of keywords. 

Pretty much everybody does that and you can see how everybody’s going to get the same list of keywords to target

If you’re OK with mediocre and underwhelming results, then just use the process described above as everyone else does.

But if you want to outperform your competitors, I suggest you graduate from seeing keyword research as a one-time event and adopt the far more rewarding approach I call…

Continuous Keyword Research

Here are 3 overlooked and rewarding keyword research methods that you’ll want to do once a month or more often to find profitable new keywords.

First of all, we have the Search Term Report.

Most people don’t generate their search term reports and then the data is lost forever.

The ones who do generally only use their Sponsored Products Search Term Report and are probably overlooking their Sponsored Brands Search Term Report and their Sponsored Brands Video Search Term Report. 

All of these are great sources for search terms that are producing sales for you, but other people aren’t aware of these search terms because they may not show up on 3rd party keyword research tools.

Another overlooked source of keywords is Brand Analytics

This is Amazon’s first-party data. The reason I like this one so much is there’s no guessing

Amazon tells you exactly what is the number one keyword—the most common thing that people search on Amazon— all the way down to the 2 millionth most commonly searched keyword. 

You can get great keywords here that don’t always show up in other tools and we know for certain they’re being searched because it’s coming straight from Amazon. 

You can also see which products are getting the most clicks and how well those products are converting.

Another keyword research method that’s often overlooked: I call them the “as you type” suggestions or autocomplete suggestions in the Amazon search bar. 

If you go to Amazon’s search bar and type in your main keyword, you can see autocomplete suggestions that change over time, and for that reason, the search volume of those keywords changes over time.  

So you want to keep an eye on this to stay on top of your market and also because brand new keywords will pop up there sometimes.

Ultimately, you want to implement Continuous Keyword Research™ which regularly uses all of these keyword research methods and more to find new keywords for you each month and then launch new campaigns for your new keywords across all your best-performing ad types.

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