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How To Find and Eliminate Waste In Your Amazon PPC Account

One of the best ways to improve your Amazon PPC performance is to find and eliminate any waste that’s hiding in your account.

And there are 2 places I see a good bit of waste in many seller’s accounts so let’s dig into those here.

One place where I often see waste is Sponsored Brands broad match—be careful with this. It is different from Sponsored Products broad match. It’s a lot broader. 

Sponsored Products broad match is narrower, more intuitive, it makes sense and it’s what you think a broad match should be. But on the Sponsored Brands side, it can get awfully broad.

If to gets too broad, you might find yourself spending for clicks that are very unlikely to convert.

What can you do about that? 

Well, we don’t want to completely ignore it, so what we can do instead is we can use a Sponsored Brands broad match modifier, which is just a plus sign (+). 

If you have a keyword like “stainless steel garlic press” then you could put the plus sign in front of the word garlic (stainless steel +garlic press).

This would make sure that the word garlic is always in the search terms that your broad match ads get triggered for and you wouldn’t be triggered for a keyword like “stainless steel drill press”. 

The second place where waste is probably hiding in your PPC account is keywords that just get a few clicks over the course of several months and make no sales. 

I call them “under the radar keywords” because they usually hide under the radar of the unsophisticated advertiser.   


Because maybe in the last 60 days it’s only gotten 12 clicks—that’s one click every five days. 

If it doesn’t ever produce any sales, you want to reduce the bid there. But usually, if it’s just been getting one click every few days, you’re probably not going to notice it. 

So that is a great place to look: keywords that are just getting a few clicks and never producing sales.

If you’re a small advertiser, it’s not as important, but when you start spending upwards of $5,000-$10,000 a month, it can have a big impact.

We’ve seen this problem with advertisers spending $30,000-$40,000 a month and just this one tip often saves them $1,000 per month or more.

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