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The Most Common Amazon PPC Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

I’d like to share something I call my secret strategy for success on Amazon.

This is a great strategy that will help your e-commerce business thrive and here’s my favorite way to state it: 

“You will be rewarded when you go beyond what your competition is willing to do.”

It’s a great way to think about your business overall, but how does this apply to Amazon PPC?

When it comes to Amazon PPC…

Many sellers are making the same mistakes which are costing them more than they’d ever guess.

The most common mistake I see sellers make is only focusing on Sponsored Products Ads.

Everybody’s doing Sponsored Products these days. It’s essential to run Sponsored Products ads if you own a brand selling private label products on Amazon. 

But there’s a whole lot of opportunity out there with Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, and Sponsored Display that people just completely overlook.

If your competition is overlooking those ad types, you definitely want to use them because you will likely be rewarded with better advertising performance

Here’s how that works.

If there are fewer people bidding on those ad placements, then you may be able to get a truckload of profitable clicks and you might find yourself dominating those placements and outselling the competition.

And when you outsell your competition, you will outrank your competition.  This is a good thing.


The second most common mistake is not leveraging the data in your search term reports into new campaigns.

Your search term reports are where you can actually see the words customers are typing into the Amazon search bar to find your products.  

Your auto campaigns, your broad match, and your phrase match keywords will get triggered from these customer searches and you’ll get sales from keywords that you’ve never thought of before.

It’s very common when I analyze an Amazon PPC account to find hundreds of missing keywords because most people are not regularly using their search term report data to find and launch new campaigns for the new keywords they could find there. 

Unless they are sophisticated advertisers, your competition is generally not willing to do this regularly, so there are all kinds of keywords out there that you could be advertising for that very few others are.

When you find and advertise for keywords your competition overlooked,

  • You’ll get inexpensive clicks and you’ll make more sales
  • Your ads will occupy the Top of Search placements more often 
  • And you’ll build organic rank for those keywords

…by simply capturing and leveraging the data in your search report into new campaigns.

When you combine these two things (1. Testing all the ad types and 2. Regularly launching new campaigns for new keywords discovered in your search term reports), you will be pleasantly surprised how much your sales and profits grow.

This post is an excerpt from my book “The 10 Best Ways to Lower Your ACOS on Amazon Without Losing Sales.” Click here to read it now and discover more Amazon PPC tips you can use to boost your profits.

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